Services Overview

Industrial Facilities

IC Design Services has designed millions of square feet of distribution centers, storage warehouses and light duty manufacturing facilities across the US. From foundations to structural steel, tilt-up concrete to metal panel walls, and cranes to equipment platforms, ICDS works with clients and design team members to deliver efficient designs for the industrial sector.


ICDS personnel have experience in the design of low-rise commercial and office buildings, as well as single story retail design. Projects include repurposing of existing buildings, free standing load bearing simple structures, and multi-story steel framed building with brick and precast cladding systems.


ICDS has delivered medical office building designs, veterinary care facilities, and hospital expansions throughout the Midwest. The increased life safety requirements associated with medical care facilities require elevated project team coordination and code analysis. ICDS can provide these services for your next healthcare facility.

Freezer/Cooler Facilities

ICDS can provide the expertise needed to properly design and detail insulated concrete tilt-up concrete panels, slabs-on-grade in freezer facilities, separation of ambient offices and proper thermal break considerations. ICDS has completed several of these structures in the beverage and food supply sectors.